Invocon Technologies

At its core, Invocon is a Research and Development company, developing new technologies, systems, and ideas for new applications, with different parameters, and with the newest processes or hardware. As a result, Invocon has developed a broad suite of technologies and systems for both government and commercial endeavors.

Many of these systems have direct application in other areas of test and evaluation, condition-based maintenance, etc. This technology section is designed to provide a clear understanding of both existing systems and potential R&D. If a particular system below does not seem to meet your exact need, we are always willing to make specific modifications or adjustments for your application.

Invocon technologies can be listed by sensor type, system type, or sample rate (some systems may be duplicated due to multiple configurations and applications).

Visit Invocon's Technology Matrix to see a comparison of all our systems.

A complete list of our published systems is also available.

Or for quick access to systems based upon capabilities use the list below:

If you have any questions about a specific system or if you need a system for a specific application please contact our Applications Engineering group.