Advanced Micro-Miniature Wireless Instrumentation System (Advanced MicroWIS™)


NASA had a need to extend the capabilities of wireless sensing to include both pressure and acceleration monitoring. In response to this need, Invocon extended its work from MicroWIS™ into a version that addresses both pressure and acceleration entitled the Advanced MicroWIS.

The Advanced MicroWIS was a multiple unit, low power, wireless pressure, and/or acceleration data acquisition system. Both the pressure sensor unit and acceleration sensor unit had the capability to acquire data samples at 20 samples per second as well as internal temperature samples at four samples per second. The small size of the units allowed for ease of installation and operation. The units were easily controllable via a small receiver unit connected to a personal computer serial port. Data from each sensor unit was plotted in near real time and logged to a data file for further analysis if desired. Once installed, at any time, the units could be put into “Data Acquisition Mode” to obtain data, “Idle Mode” (standby) to await further commands, or low power “Deep Sleep Mode” to conserve battery life when the units were not in use.

Further endeavors into this technology incorporated synchronous data acquisition techniques into the WATS™ system.

The Advanced MicroWIS work for NASA also led to the development of the MicroTAU™ and MicroSGU™ system.