Blocked Email

Due to the large volume of SPAM received at Invocon, we have decided to use various methods of blocking access to our email server(s). One of these methods is the Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS). The other method (which is the method that directed you here) is through the maintenance of a custom block list based on the logging of spam received at Invocon. When the log shows a large volume of spam received from a certain domain or IP address range, that domain or IP address range will be blocked. Exceptions can and will be made for individuals or companies that have legitimate business to conduct with Invocon.

If you wish to contact us to make an exception, please fill out the email form below. Please include as much detail as you can regarding the blocked email.

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If you have trouble using this form, please fax the above information to (281) 298-1717 Attn: Spam Administrator.