Invocon co-developed hardware and was the principal firmware designer for a multi-unit wireless pulse and breathing rate detection system.  Each BodyLAN unit operated in one of two modes.  The real-time clinical mode sampled skin deflection due to blood pulses at 512 Hz.

The data was transmitted wirelessly to a PC with a BodyLAN receiver connected to display and record the data. Example data acquired wirelessly in this real-time mode is graphed above. Clinical mode was used to develop algorithms that could be implemented into the onboard DSP.  The second mode of operation consisted of acquiring and recording data and running the data through algorithms by the onboard DSP.  The results of the DSP, heart and respiration rate, were transmitted wirelessly back to the PC for storage and display.

  • 1 external optical deflection pressure sensor for pulse and respiration monitoring
  • Sample Rate: 64Hz and 512Hz (Respiration and Heart Rates Respectively)
  • Approximate Size: 5cm x 5cm x 2cm