Capacitive Discharge Initiator (CDI)

Invocon’s Capacitive Discharge Initiator (CDI) Module provides missile control and monitoring capabilities in a single compact unit. It enables safe operation and monitoring of ordnance.

The CDI provides four fully redundant output channels, a single input trigger for starting the timer, 1 ms resolution per channel, and four hours of run-time after the input trigger.

Other features include:

  • CDI capacitor voltage monitoring
  • Command trigger function on all channels
  • CDI event monitoring
  • Health and status monitoring
    • Altitude Switches (open/close)
    • SAFE/ARM plug identification
    • SAFE/ARM state identification
  • Single power supply source voltage
  • Bad umbilical pull protection
  • Smart primary and rechargeable battery support
  • Software development kit, improved programming, and application software

For more detailed specification refer to the technology profile available below:

Capacitive Discharge Module Technology Profile