Environmental Testing Services

Invocon provides environmental testing services in the The Woodlands, TX/North Houston/Conroe area. Invocon’s facility is setup to provide thermal testing and vibration testing.

Thermal Testing

  • G-8 Elite Russells Chambers (2)
  • 4 Thermal Chambers (controlled by Watlow F4T)
  • 1207C Test Equity (1)
  • T5C-1 Tenney (1)
  • Personnel to monitor tests
  • Automated Control Capabilities
  • Custom Test Reports
Testing Service - Thermal Chamber
Testing Service - Vibration Table

Vibration / Shock Testing

  • ETS Solutions IPA60L-M437A Table
  • 8,800 lbf   (Sine)
  • 17,600 lbf (Shock)
  • Max Acceleration 100g
  • 2” Displacement
  • 5 Hz – 2,500 Hz
  • ~ 100 lbs Load
  • 3-Axis orientation 
  • Ability to create fixtures and mass models
  • Custom Test Reports

Function Testing

  • Equipment & personnel available to support testing needs
  • Technicians available to perform repairs
  • Dedicated benches for testing
  • Cable design & assembly capabilities
  • Lithium-Ion Cell Testing/Screening
  • Experienced Test Technicians and Design Engineers
  • All equipment is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025
  • ITAR compliant
  • Cleared Personnel

We can help you achieve quick, hassle-free testing.

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