Extended-Life Micro-Miniature Wireless Instrumentation System (ELMWIS™)


The Extended-Life Micro-miniature Wireless Instrumentation System (ELMWIS) is a wireless data acquisition network for near-static sensing and recording applications. It was designed as a combination of the original MicroWIS™ and MicroRecorder™ systems which enables it to both store and communicate wirelessly.

The ELMWIS Remote Unit (pictured)is a small, extremely low-power, autonomous, wireless device designed for extended data acquisition and recording. The units can be configured for any resistive sensor: strain gauges, resistive thermal devices (RTDs), pressure sensors, humidity sensors, accelerometers, etc.

Each ELMWIS unit can serve as a relay for any other unit allowing communication with very remote units. Relays can pass configuration commands, real-time data, and post-acquisition data transfers.

There are three modes of data transfer:

1. A remote unit transmits data to the Receiver allowing for both error detection and retransmissions in real-time. The Receiver passes this information to the GUI for immediate graphical display and storage to an ASCII file.

2. A remote unit stores data onto non-volatile memory (capable of storing 1 year of data sampled once each minute). This data is later downloaded via RF to the receiver and GUI for graphical display and storage on the PC.

3. A combination of both; the unit transmits data in real-time while storing it locally.

  • Sample Rate: Programmable from 1 sample per 15 seconds to 1 sample per day
  • Lifetime: 10 years at 1 sample per minute
  • Approximate Size: 7cm x 5.9cm x 3.1cm
  • ELMWIS can support any resistive sensor type

View the full ELMWIS Technology Profile  (ELMWIS.pdf)