Integrated Pulse Coded Modulation Encoder (iPCMe)

The Integrated PCM Encoder (iPCMe) provides a significant number of data channels for remote sensing in a highly integrated configuration.  With over 100 channels of input in a small package, the iPCMe is designed as a low-cost solution for a broad range of telemetry applications.  Every aspect of the Encoder’s design is intended to simplify integration and survive rugged launch environments.  Robust packaging includes a rugged aluminum enclosure and DB connectors placed on top of the unit.  The single orientation for the connectors reduces integration and reconfiguration headaches associated with the complexities of routing and re-routing cables.  The common DB connectors add convenience and value by minimizing the cost and lead times associated with more exotic connectors.

The software included with the encoder provides a simple PCM Matrix configuration tool that helps to ensure data is packed efficiently into the PCM stream.  It also provides real-time display of data as well as health and status from the unit.

Features Availables:

  • 100 analog data channels
    • Simultaneous sampling
    • >15 bits of dynamic range
  • 13 digital data channels
    • Input: Discrete, UART or SDLC with RS-422, LVDS, TTL or RS232 interfaces
    • Output: open-drain
  • 2 NTSC video channels
    • MUXed to one JPEG 2000 video format output
  • Dedicated inputs for GPS & Smart Battery
    • Supports GPS 1PPS redistribution
  • PCM Output (copper and fiber)
    • Copper: RS422 or LVDS
    • Fiber: 850nm multimode.  Supports 2 km transmission over 50/125 µm fiber
    • IRIG106 Chapter-4 PCM, Optional Minor Frame CRC  
    • Optional RNRZ-L15 output
  • Configuration Port (RS-232)
  • Maximum 20Mhz transmission rate

Supports Invocon’s KIPS/WKIPS Capture Link™ interface for lethality assessment bandwidth sharing