Multi-Channel Event Sequencer

Invocon’s event sequencer is a flight qualified solution for monitoring and initiating flight events.

It includes 8 channels of open drain outputs for assertion of timed events via relays or other devices.  Each channel provides up to 3 Amps of current.  The voltage level available at the output is equal to the sequencer’s input voltage (20V to 40V).  The event timer is triggered by a single input trigger.  Each channel can be programmed independently with a timed event resolution of 1ms for a period of up to 4 hours after the input trigger. 

Additionally, it contains 16 channels of analog input for monitoring switch positions, destruct tones, and various other signals.  This can be expanded to 32 channels if desired. 

Dual status output lines provide health and status information to umbilical and telemetry interfaces. The three Sequencer interface connectors contain the following functions:

  • Power
  • Configuration (RS-232)
  • Vehicle Interface / Relay Control
  • Analog Data Acquisition
  • Telemetry Interface (RS-422)
  • Umbilical Interface (RS-422)
  • Fiber Emitter Lanyard Input

For more detailed specification refer to the documents available below:

Multi-Channel Event Sequencer Technology Profile