National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

To NASA, Invocon has become a valuable alternative to the products and services from traditional suppliers. Our ability to take a problem rapidly from concept to delivery has allowed Invocon to compete head-to-head with international corporations.

Major NASA Platforms Supported
Other NASA Projects

NASA has awarded an SBIR Phase II contract to Invocon for WEBDAS™ (Wireless Ethernet-Based Data Acquisition System).

This system enables the use of existing Ethernet hardware and Web-based IT resources for the configuration, acquisition, transmission, and display of sensor data from extremely low-power RF sensors.
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NASA concluded a series of foam impact tests using the Wide-Band Micro-Miniature Tri-Axial Accelerometer Units, (WB MicroTAU), at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San Antonio, Texas. The tests simulated the damage caused by external tank foam debris observed striking Space Shuttle Orbiter Columbia 81 seconds after its launch on January 16, 2003.

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Invocon has worked with other NASA departments that do not directly support the Shuttle and Space Station. The project and sponsoring facility are listed below.

Invocon Project
NASA Facility
Sensor Control and Acquisition Telecommunications (SCAT)
Johnson Space Center
Advanced MicroWIS™Johnson Space Center
Tension Measurement System (TMS™)Johnson Space Center
Programmable Surface Acoustic Wave (PSAW) CorrelatorGlenn Research Center
Wireless Instrumentation Sensor Processor (WISP)Dryden Flight Research Center
Wireless Flight Control System (WFCS)Dryden Flight Research Center
Aircraft Integrity Radio Network Evaluation Technology (AIRNET)Dryden Flight Research Center
Wireless Integrated Microelectronic Vacuum Sensor System (WIMVSS)Stennis Space Center