News 2005

July 26, 2005

Invocon on STS-114

Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-114 launched today carrying five different Invocon systems – by far the largest collection of Invocon systems in a single flight. The total data provided to NASA from the Invocon hardware on this flight is >6Gbytes.

Enhanced WB MicroTAU (Enhanced Wide-Band Micro-Miniature Tri-Axial Accelerometer Units) on the Wing leading edge to monitor impacts during launch. (44 Units)

MicroSGU™ (Micro-Miniature Strain Gauge Unit) to monitor the stresses on the trunnions of the Shuttle main engines during launch. (12 Units)

MicroTAU™ (Micro-Miniature Tri-Axial Accelerometer Units) to monitor payload vibration during launch and landing. (6 Units)

WB MicroTAU™ (Wide-Band Micro-Miniature Tri-Axial Accelerometer Units) to monitor high frequency vibrations on the fuel flow lines during launch. (9 Units)

IWIS™ (Internal Wireless Instrumentation System) RSU (Remote Sensor Unit) in stowage destined for the International Space Station to monitor payload vibrations. (1 Unit)

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