Solid State Latching Power Switch (SSLPS)

Invocon’s Solid State Latching Power Switch (SSLPS) provides switching control over an external DC power source such as a Flight Termination System (FTS) battery with single power input, four power outputs, and an UMBI/TM connector for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) on/off control & status as well as flight on/off status via telemetry (TM).  The SSLPS was designed to the RCC 319-19 standard.

Key Features:

  • Single 20 to 45 Vdc input supporting up to 10.4 A.
  • (4x) voltage outputs each supporting up to 4.8 A where output can be latched on or off.
  • Nominal 28 Vdc on/off control signals with latching action.
  • On and Off signals each require an input >15 Vdc and >10mA to change the latching state. Once control signal is removed it remains in that state.
  • Once on, it will remain latched in the On state through power dropouts of up to 50 ms duration.
  • UMBI Status
    • UMBI feeback status includes an internal inline 10kΩ current limiting resistor allowing GSE to complete a voltage divider for monitoring “power on” state.
    • Ground support personnel situational awareness via internal inline 2kΩ current limiting resistor that can be used to light a “power on” indicator LED in the UMBI pocket.
  • TM Status
    • TM status output is scaled to 0-5 Vdc for monitoring power on/off state in telemetry.

Click here for the SSLPS datasheet.