Solid State Latching Relay

Invocon’s Solid State Latching Relay (SSLR) provides isolated, regulated, redudant control over an external power source and its load.  The SSLR can be used as a power termination solution for Flight Termination Systems (FTS) whose mode of operation is thrust termination.  The SSLR can accept two TERMINATE signals from up to two Flight Termination Recievers (FTR) in a cross-strapped configuration where either TERMINATE signal can latch off both of the internal components to cut power to the load. The SSLR was designed to the RCC 319-19 standard.

Key SSLR Features:

  • Load Power
    • Input: Single 26 to 45 Vdc at up to 4.8A.
    • Output: Single fixed voltage, step down regulation of load power output customizable between 5V to 21V at up to 4.8A.
  • SSLR Input Power and Latch Signals (i.e., TERMINATE) are nominal 28 Vdc
    • Internal switch is Normally Closed (provides power to load)
    • Latch Open (i.e. TERMINATE) signals each require >15.1 Vdc to change state from closed to opened.
    • Supports cross strapping latch open signals (i.e., TERMINATE) from different devices (e.g., FTRs) for further redundancy in an FTS setting.
    • Power dropout survivability in latched open state up to 50ms.
  • TM Status
    • TM status output is scaled to 0-5 Vdc for monitoring power, on/off state, and control signals in telemetry.

Click here for the SSLR data sheet.