Video Micro Movement Sensor (VMMS)


The Video Micro Movement Sensor was developed to explore the possibilities of using miniature cameras as a tool for aircraft testing and inspection. The VMMS can take VGA sized pictures (640 x 480 pixels) for inspection purposes while providing 6 ultra-bright LEDs as a light source.

In addition to taking still pictures, the camera operates as a micro movement sensor. At a distance of 2 feet, the system can detect the movement of a target in the X and Y direction with a resolution of 1mm, and it can process 60 data samples every second, thus enabling the detection and monitoring of micro vibration up to 30Hz (anticipated rates up to 200Hz). The system can acquire data at 60Hz for 70minutes.

The VMMS uses a CMOS active pixel image sensor that allows for a lower power and more flexible system than those designed using the older CCD technology used in most digital cameras. A single controller can operate up to four cameras.

Key features include:

  • CMOS active pixel sensor technology that produces high quality images with very little noise.
  • The digital nature of the sensors allows for faster frame rates than typical cameras.
  • Ultra-bright LED technology produces bright white light and uses an order of magnitude less power than incandescent technologies.
  • The low noise images enable target recognition and tracking.
  • Blocks of pixels are individually addressable.