Wireless Autonomous Telemetry System (WATS™)


Invocon developed a synchronous, real-time wireless data acquisition system for the flight-testing of aircraft. This Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I system consisted of a four-unit, low power, data acquisition and communications network capable of monitoring in-flight aircraft performance.

The WATS system operates by transmitting data at 916MHz from remote sensor units (RSUs) installed throughout the aircraft to the System Interface Unit (SIU) with minimum latency. Digital data is transmitted over RS-232 to a laptop computer for immediate display.  The system operates in a real-time mode in which data is synchronized to ±10μs.

The system demonstrated to the Air Force consisted of two accelerometers, one pressure sensor, and one strain gauge sensor.  The units were installed on a private aircraft.  Data from all sensors was displayed and recorded during flight.  A temperature unit was also developed, and can be inserted into the real-time acquisition.

The sample rate for the units was 20 Hz, and the operating time from the internal batteries was 24 hours of continual data.  The units can be commanded into an Idle mode to conserve power consumption. The operating temperature range is –35 C to +75 C, and the radios can transmit 100 ft.

View the full WATS Technology Profile (WATS.pdf)