Wireless Ethernet-Based Data Acquisition System (WEBDAS™)


In January 2004, Invocon began a NASA SBIR Phase II contract to continue development on the WEBDAS (Wireless Ethernet-Based Data Acquisition System).

The WEBDAS Phase I program produced a proof-of-concept demonstration that showed Invocon wireless sensor data being received, processed, transmitted via a wired and/or wireless LAN, stored on a central server, and displayed via a web browser. The POC hardware apparatus and the software were modifications and derivations from the existing hardware from various Invocon systems: MITE WISMicroTAUMicroSGUMicroWIS-XG.  This hardware has demonstrated its ability in harsh environments terrestrially, as well as on the Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS).

Currently, in many instances, a technician must manually plug into sensors with a handheld meter or watch a panel mounted meter, and manually record the data to verify various facility conditions.  This system interfaces with existing sensors, acquires data, and transmits data via RF to a Receiver automatically.  The Receiver is web-enabled with an Ethernet interface to allow centralized monitoring throughout the ground facilities.  Data can then be viewed by any computer with Internet access.  The basic design of the Phase I Wireless Ethernet-based Data Acquisition System (WEBDAS) is shown below: