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Founded in 1986, Invocon has become a leader in research and development for the aerospace and military community. Invocon’s core activities revolve around research and development of precision instrumentation and communication solutions for demanding applications in extreme environments. Based in Conroe, Texas, 30 miles north of Houston, Invocon seeks to serve government entities, major corporations, and professional R&D management companies. We accomplish this by producing technologically advanced designs, fabricating prototypes, and manufacturing the resulting production systems.

Invocon intends to become a premier supplier of ideas and system designs to solve tomorrow’s problems in the acquisition, communication, processing, and presentation of spatially distributed data.

Technology Systems:
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Company overview:
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Invocon develops wireless sensor and instrumentation solutions for a variety of applications. Invocon has consistently been a market leader in four critical data acquisition areas:

  • Size, Weight, and Power
  • Wireless Networking
  • Data Quality
  • Remote (Distributed) Processing

Invocon has developed systems and conducted research in a wide array of market applications:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Mechanical Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Aircraft Test and Evaluation
  • Missile-Defense

The company also designs and produces precision instrumentation and control systems for rocket and missile applications. Designs include:

  • PCM encoders for acquiring and transmitting on-board data (Data sheets: iPCMe)
  • Impact location systems for lethality assessment on missile defense target missiles
  • Capacitive discharge initiators for executing pyrotechnic and similar events during flight (Data sheets: CDI)
  • Lithium polymer Smart Batteries for mission critical power supply (Data sheets: 7.5Ah Smart Battery | 3.2Ah Smart Battery | 0.74Ah Smart Battery)
  • Flight termination systems

Competitive strength has been our key to growth in an R&D environment. We maintain a strong technical competitive posture by employing innovative engineering talent and providing an environment of ever-increasing challenge and reward in which to work. Our financial competitiveness has been maintained by careful management of overhead structure resulting in favorable pricing to our customers.

Our staff consists of professional electrical, computer, and software engineers who are responsible for all activities on any specific job and are allowed to follow a development project from inception to completion. We also team with university research groups and other R&D companies to solve basic research problems and to bring the ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace. While occasionally utilizing subcontractors and consultants, it is primarily the skills and creativity of our in-house engineers that successfully transforms ideas into working products.

Invocon continues to pursue systems R&D contracts from industry and government. When the resulting products can be sold into slow growth, low volume markets, we retain control of the manufacturing and support of those products. When the products to be developed are consumer-oriented and have very short market windows, we team with commercial partners already established in that market arena.