At its core, Invocon is a Research and Development company, developing new technologies, systems, and ideas for new applications, with different parameters, and with the newest processes or hardware. As a result, Invocon has developed a broad suite of technologies and systems for both government and commercial endeavors.

Many of these systems have direct application in other areas of test and evaluation, condition-based maintenance, etc. This technology section is designed to provide a clear understanding of both existing systems and potential R&D. If a particular system below does not seem to meet your exact need, we are always willing to make specific modifications or adjustments for your application.

Invocon has developed a broad spectrum of technologies that address a wide range of applications. These technology areas include:

  • Wireless sensors and instrumentation for harsh environments and challenging applications
    • Sample rates from 1 Hz to 1 MHz
    • All transducer types supported
    • Real-time and store-and-forward data transfer techniques
    • Synchronous data from multiple remote units
  • Real-time radiation event monitoring (Data Sheets: RAID | REMS)
  • PCM encoders for acquiring and transmitting flight data from rockets and missiles  (Data Sheet: iPCMe)
  • Lithium polymer Smart Batteries for mission critical power supply
  • Precision timing units for initiating pyrotechnic events on rockets and missiles
    • Event Sequencer for monitoring and initiating flight events (Datasheets: Sequencer)
    • Capacitive discharge initiators for the safe operation and monitoring of ordnance (Data sheets: CDI)
  • Satellite Instrumentation