Micro-Miniature Strain Gauge Unit (MicroSGU™)


The MicroSGU is a small, battery-powered, wirelessly programmable, strain gauge data recorder.

Each unit was designed to “sleep” in a low-power consumption mode until a certain time set by the user at which time the unit will then enter into a circular buffered data trigger mode sampling at 250 Hz using programmable trigger threshold levels.

Upon detection of a data trigger, 13 minutes of data is recorded at 250 Hz per channel.

Upon completion of the programmed event sequences, the units will enter back into their low power consumption mode to wait for a wireless data download command from the user.

Commands are issued via the MicroSGU graphical user interface operating on a laptop with the wireless Receiver Unit interface. 

The MicroSGU system is currently installed in all of the Space Shuttles to measure stresses on the control arms attached to the SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) during launch.

MicroSGU has flown on seventeen Shuttle missions starting with STS-108 in December, 2001.

  • 250Hz Sample Rate
  • 2 external sensors per unit
  • The units can support any resistive sensor type
  • Approximate Size: 5.5cm x 4cm x 2.8cm

View the full MicroSGU Technology Profile (MicroSGU.pdf)