Rocket / Missile Systems

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NOTE: Historical systems are not currently available. These systems are presented here as examples of Invocon’s capabilities.


Power Control Assembly

Invocon’s Power Control Assembly (PCA) provides complete power control for small launch vehicles in a robust miniature package. The PCA controls two 28-V power sources for use with four power output channels. It is intended to seamlessly switch between an external power control system and an on-board battery. It supports battery charging in order to simplify vehicle maintenance prior to launch. Power outputs include two switched 28-V channels, one un-switched 28 V channel, and an auxiliary 5-V channel.

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Capacitive Discharge Initiator

Invocon’s Capacitive Discharge Initiator (CDI) Module provides missile control and monitoring capabilities in a single compact unit. It enables safe operation and monitoring of ordnance.

The CDI provides four fully redundant output channels, a single input trigger for starting the timer, 1-ms resolution per channel, and four hours of run-time after the input trigger.

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Multi-Channel Event Sequencer

Invocon’s event sequencer is a flight qualified solution for monitoring and initiating flight events. 

It includes 8 channels of open drain outputs for assertion of timed events via relays or other devices.  Each channel provides up to 3 A of current. The voltage level available at the output is equal to the sequencer’s input voltage (20 V to 40 V).  The event timer is triggered by a single input trigger. Each channel can be programmed independently with a timed event resolution of 1 ms for a period of up to 4 hours after the input trigger.

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Smart Battery

Lithium Ion Polymer Smart Battery

The Invocon 28-V Rechargeable Smart Battery uses modern lithium ion polymer battery technology.   Lithium ion polymer batteries have one of the highest energy storage and power delivery densities (per weight) of modern batteries. This enables longer operation between charging and dependable operation of high current electrical loads or inrush currents without startup sequencing.

The Invocon Smart Battery is designed for mission critical applications. Custom circuitry, without single point of failure, provides uninterruptable power discharge for mission critical applications. This feature is enabled with an external “Flight Enabled” key and latched against unintentional release to provide full battery power delivery without overcurrent or temperature disconnect.

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