Solid State Event Initiator

Invocon’s Solid State Initiator (SSI) provides highly reliable and safe initiation capabilities for energetic devices (squibs).  It is a solid state replacement for Invocon’s historic work horse – the Capacitive Discharge Initiator (CDI).  The SSI replaces the mechanical devices of the CDI with solid state electronics while maintaining the same levels of protection for fail-safe activation of engines and pyrotechnic functions required by rockets and spacecraft.

The SSI maximizes flexibility in controlling event initiation by using a combination of timing, external commands, and altitude. Each channel is fully programmable with automated error checking at multiple levels. It also features Invocon’s Squib Sense ™ fire path analysis capability to ensure that all stages in each fire path are ready for action whether the vehicle is armed or safe.

Key SSI Features:

  • Four fully redundant (or eight non-redundant) programmable output channels
  • Redundant input triggers for starting the event timers
  • 1 millisecond timing resolution per channel on timed functions
  • Optional external command triggers for all channels
  • Optical isolation between fire paths and control electronics
  • Size, weight, and power:  6.25 x 6.25 x 1.78 in, 3.5 lbs
    • 77% reduction in volume from the legacy CDI
    • 75% reduction in mass from the legacy CDI
  • Power options include:
    • Single or redundant smart rechargeable batteries
    • Single or redundant smart primary batteries
    • Standard vehicle power: 24 to 36 VDC
  • Programmable features:
    • Any combination of channel firing sequences
    • Programmable “safe” altitudes for each channel
    • Logic controlled event start windows
    • Rejects illegal program inputs
    • Selectable sequence start – Lanyard pull, alternate trigger input, or logic command