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  • Remote Ground Support Equipment (RGSE)

    Remote Ground Support Equipment (RGSE)

    Invocon’s Remote Power Control (RPC) Remote Ground Support Equipment (RGSE) provides for power control and monitoring for Avionics or Flight Termination System (FTS) payloads. This includes system monitoring, power switching (e.g., internal/external, on/off), and battery maintenance as well as RS422 communications all through the vehicle’s UMBI(s). 

  • NavFire Carrier

    NavFire Carrier

    Invocon’s NavFire Carrier (NFC) hosts a BAE Systems NavFireTM GPSR enhancing its interface with nominal +28 Vdc MIL-STD power and RS422 signal conversion.  NavFireTM signals are made available on the NFC’s connectors configurable to suit several use cases such as direct connection to a Flight Computer or connection to both an SDN500 INS and Flight…

  • Power Control Assembly

    Power Control Assembly

    Invocon’s Power Control Assembly (PCA) provides complete power control for small launch vehicles in a robust miniature package. The PCA controls two 28V power sources for use with four power output channels.

  • Environmental Testing Services

    Environmental Testing Services

    Invocon provides environmental testing services to our customers. These services include thermal testing and vibration testing.

  • Solid State Latching Relay

    Solid State Latching Relay

    Invocon’s Solid State Latching Relay (SSLR) provides isolated, regulated, redudant control over an external power source and its load.  The SSLR can be used as a power termination solution for Flight Termination Systems (FTS) whose mode of operation is thrust termination.  The SSLR can accept two TERMINATE signals from up to two Flight Termination Recievers…

  • Solid State Event Initiator

    Solid State Event Initiator

    Invocon’s Solid State Initiator (SSI) provides highly reliable and safe initiation capabilities for energetic devices (squibs).  It is a solid state replacement for Invocon’s historic work horse – the Capacitive Discharge Initiator (CDI).  The SSI replaces the mechanical devices of the CDI with solid state electronics while maintaining the same levels of protection for fail-safe…

  • Reentry Breakup Record – Wireless Temperature Sensor

    Reentry Breakup Record – Wireless Temperature Sensor

    Invocon produced a wireless temperature system that was incorporated into the Reentry Breakup Recorder (REBR), a design that was conceived and constructed by The Aerospace Corporation engineers. REBR is a basketball-sized device that is launched into orbit aboard a larger spacecraft and then intentionally deorbited when a host spacecraft returns to Earth. The REBR gathers…

  • Distributed Impact Detection System

    Distributed Impact Detection System

    DIDS is a wireless distributed network of impact detection nodes. As a network the DIDS utilizes triangulation to determine the impact location.

  • Hit Detection Systems

    Hit Detection Systems

    Invocon provides multiple hit detection systems capable of detecting and reporting high-speed impacts. These systems have been used to detect high-speed projectile impacts on rockets and other space structures. Invocon has developed multiple impact detection systems using wire-break, hit panel, and acoustic emission type methods.

  • Integrated Pulse Coded Modulation Encoder (iPCMe)

    Integrated Pulse Coded Modulation Encoder (iPCMe)

    The Integrated PCM Encoder (iPCMe) provides a significant number of data channels for remote sensing in a highly integrated configuration.  With over 100 channels of input in a small package, the iPCMe is designed as a low-cost solution for a broad range of telemetry applications.  Every aspect of the Encoder’s design is intended to simplify integration…